As far back as he could remember, Zareh always wanted to be around music. From hearing his great grandfather and father sing , to picking up the guitar at the age of twelve , it was clear that music was in his blood. Born in Beirut, Lebanon on November 17th, Zareh Kasbarian was raised with tender loving care,undeniably he was the world to his proud parents. His childhood was filled with love , laughther and music. At the age of ten, Zareh and his family moved to the States, it was a choice made by his father , to give his Sons the oppurtunity for better future. At a young age Zareh was influenced by music and was inspired by the way how music brought the world together. When he ws twelve, Zareh developed his talent on guitar , it came natural to him. Listening to artists that he admired, Zareh knew he wanted to have the same inpact on Armenian community, Especially the younger generation, because they were the shapers to our future, he wanted to inspire them the same way he was inspired. Shortly after turning seventeen, Zareh became lead guitarist and back-vocalist to the band called SEEPAN, eventually becoming the lead singer, the Band successfully toured for many years. After long years together, the band part ways and Zareh went solo. Since then, Zareh released six successful albums and three hit singles called SARERY JEYRAN, KAGHDNI SER, HOUYSI ASHKHAR, TRAKHDAYIN SER, HISOUMES, BARE BARE (SINGLE), ANVERATATZ (SINGLE), BARE BARE and resent 2013 TOU SHAD CHAR single, with origanal tracks and lyrics. Zareh continues getting inspired by younger generation, their eagerness to be enveloped with our community, makes him humbled. He, as Bests before him, Zareh wants to put his mark on to this world, to inspire and be inspired, by creating albums that are timeless and unique, similar to his artistry .